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Hiya, we have a brand new website (building day by day) which will better represent the new business "Brand". Although all of the things offered before are still possible we have been advised to focus on providing the survival courses and emergency information and preparation.

So, please go to http://www.lakeoftheheart.co.uk

Ian & Anne Whiteside

This is a dynamic site,you are welcome add tips or suggestions on the activities that we feature, and we encourage you to keep returning, RSS or bookmark the site for future visits to see changes.

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"The Best two weeks holiday we have had in a long time. It's so relaxing and addictive that we've been going for the last 4 years" Karen & John

"Lac du Coeur is the perfect location for as much or as little activity that you want from a holiday. You can sit in the sun and relax, or fish and hopefully catch the elusive giant Carp 'Bob', or take part in many activities that can be catered for." Brian and Sheila

"I have visited Lac du Coeur from the first year Ian and Anne were there it is a beautiful spot and I look forward to my visits I always return to England feeling relaxed and refreshed." Ruthy

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